Ravean has been producing different self-heating outdoor accessories for several years now, from vests and hoodies to sleeping bag liners. Now the company is developing a battery-powered heated glove with a recent Kickstarter launch exceeding its goals just days after it went live.

There isn't anything especially innovative about heated gloves but Ravean is hitting the market at an incredibly competitive price point with a model that covers off on everything one would want from a self-heating glove.

Available as either a glove or a mitten, the system delivers warmth for up to 6.5 hours off one charge and has three different heating settings, which can be flicked between via a small button on the wrist. Spare batteries can also be ordered for longer outdoor missions.

The finger tips on the gloves are touchscreen compatible, a necessity for any modern glove, and an elastic leash keeps the gloves attached if you need to quickly whip them off for any reason. Ravean uses a tough goatskin leather on the palms of the gloves, and inside uses 150 gram 3M Thinsulate, a synthetic fiber that keeps the gloves warm even when they are not being actively powered.

While there isn't anything particularly revolutionary about the Ravean heated gloves, they are priced incredibly competitively, making then an enticing option for someone who doesn't want to spend US$300+ on a pair of battery-heated gloves. The current Kickstarter campaign launching the product offers a pair or gloves or mittens for $169.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, caution is suggested as there is no guarantee the product will come to fruition. That said, Ravean has a solid background in producing similar items and has serviced a number of crowdfunded campaigns in the past so the estimated delivery date of before Christmas this year seems reasonable.

Take a look at the gloves in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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