We keep hearing how millennials are eschewing material goods in favor of experiences, but someone fairly fit and energetic is still collecting goods and those goods need shuttling from A to B. At least that's the conclusion we're led to draw, as cargo bikes of all shapes and sizes continue to hit streets and the market of man trailers continues to welcome new models. The latest player in the man trailer segment, the Reacha sports utility trailer can be pulled by hand or by bike and uses a modular design to better adjust to your needs.

Designers seem to agree that the world needs more hand-pulled carts but disagree fervently on exactly how those carts should look. In the past couple of months alone, we've seen the big-tired Real Wheel and the polyethylene-bodied Polymule join older alternatives like the Armadillo EVS and Monowalker. Now a group of sporty Bavarians offers up yet another take.

Designed primarily with water sports in mind, the Reacha is made to be a lightweight, simple way of rolling large, unwieldy gear like surfboards and kayaks to the water's edge. Company founders hacked their first cart together with parts from a windsurfing rig, old bike wheels and a piece of tarp, creating an easier means of getting their own surfboards out to the water of France's Atlantic Coast. After receiving some double-takes and positive feedback when rolling that very first prototype around, they set out to refine the design and bring it to market.

What they've refined it into is a lightweight aluminum frame riding on bicycle wheels. Smaller gear can be carried in the removable basket inside the frame and larger gear can be attached to the frame itself.

The Reacha's wheels pop off, and the entire cart breaks down into a series of beams, pads and supports, ensuring easy transport and storage. The trailer weighs 19.6 lb (8.9 kg) and packs in a shoulder bag. Reacha says it builds to form in about three minutes.

The simple, tool-free hardware not only makes the Reacha easy to break down and build back up, it also opens up some added design possibilities. The Reacha can be adjusted in length and width and outfitted with various accessories. The Reacha also works with wheels between 20 and 28 in, allowing you to adjust for different types of terrain and trips.

The Reacha can be loaded up with up to 132 lb (60 kg) of gear and pulled by hand or hooked up to a bike and transformed into a bike trailer with the available bike connector. Its rated capacity drops to 99 lb (45 kg) under pedal power.

The Reacha team is trying to raise money now to start serial production. Its Indiegogo campaign has various trailer packages, starting at €299 (approx. US$355) for an early bird trailer with 20-in wheels. For those that might have old bike wheels lying around waiting for a new home, there's also a wheelless DIY version for €198 ($235), which includes the frame and a template to create your own basket. Models with larger wheels and tires are available at higher pledge levels.

Have a further look at the Reacha in the introductory video below.

Source: Reacha

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