RealTouch - World’s first virtual sex device for men (NSFW)

RealTouch - World’s first virtual sex device for men (NSFW)
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The RealTouch device works in conjunction with specially encoded video
The RealTouch device works in conjunction with specially encoded video
The RealTouch device works in conjunction with specially encoded video
The RealTouch device works in conjunction with specially encoded video
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Personal sex devices for women have been around for more than 100 years and, though they may not appear to have changed much, the technology embedded in them certainly has evolved. The taboo surrounding the use of women's sexual stimulation "toys" has all but disappeared - discussion about products (and even their use) appears regularly on TV: in sitcoms, movies and documentaries. But where are all the toys for men? Apart from old-style blow-up dolls – the attendee at many a bucks' party and the butt of many jokes – or the latest sex robot in Roxxxy, what else exists? The world's largest pornographic Video On Demand supplier, Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN) has addressed this shortfall with the RealTouch – "the world's first virtual sex device for men".

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First??? New??? I saw this device personally over 2 years ago. It is a rip off from an Israeli company call FleshLight. They sold over 2 million units so far. I am surprised on Gizmag, publishing something as first and new, when it is not. Let\'s just say this is strike 1 I have found on Gizmag so far, so I\'ll let it pass... Please take better note in the future to search for similarities before publishing.
<i>Ed note: the virtual element (i.e. haptic feedback) is a first to the best of our knowledge </i>
That thing looks pretty good value for money! It\'s not so much pay-as-you-go, but more like pay-as-you-come. If you want to know what else exists, have a look at (no batteries required)
Hey, it\'s the next big thing for people that play Guitar Hero!
This thing scares me. First of all, its not \'haptic feedback\'. The user doesn\'t give any input so there\'s nothing to feedback.
It fact, that\'s the scariest part. You sting your penis in it and from that point on, the software, streaming vids and hardware takeover. You have no control whatsoever over what this thing could do to you. What if the software had some kind of glitch and it clamped down on your privates, or if you\'re sensitive and it chafes your skin? What if you try to push stop and it won\'t. It\'s technology. Technology can fail. I just can\'t believe that this is safe and there\'s no way they can guarantee it is. Unless they\'ve had some kind of government testing or oversight. But sextoys are not regulated by anyone.
And they take returns. My biggest question there is how can someone guarantee that the Real Touch they think bought and think is new is actually someone else\'s return that\'s been recycled. You gotta ask yourself, why else would they take returns on something like this. Just the thought is makes me ill.
But hey, its gets you off... and likely there\'s poor shmucks out there who will buy this thing because they are thinking with the brain below their belts. Sure, women can be a hassle but..
George Hanson
Gentlemen, gentlemen, as a devout Gizmag reader and a recent RealTouch owner, let me set the record straight.
Dancarmen, where\'s the haptic technology in a Fleshlight, which isn\'t Israeli by the way (though the knockoff may be)? Where\'s the synchronization with VOD that makes it an immersive experience. I\'m not denegrating the Fleshlight - I have one - but to compare it to a RealTouch is like comparing your kids bike to a Harley Davidson. It will get you where you want to go but the ride won\'t be the same.
It\'s like getting a massage. You can do it yourself (to the parts you can reach) but it\'s always better when someone else is doing it. RealTouch gives you that disconnect. It\'s like sex with someone else but without the hassle. It\'s as much for your mind as your body. It\'s still you moving the Fleshlight and your brain knows that.
Three strikes to you dancarmen. You\'re out!
Evidently Youdontsay also don\'t read. If you looked at the RealTouch site or any of the other reviews out there, you\'d have answered all your questions. No doubt that technology can fail but your statements are ignorant. The device must be used with lube therefore no chafing. The orifice cannot clamp down but only provide light pressure. The belts are made of Versaflex which is the same hypoallergenic material used for the nipples on baby bottles. And you have plenty of control where you want it. You can adjust the amount of lube it provides and there\'s two ways to turn it off whenever you want, via the WMP or a button on the minitower that. Sometimes the button is easier when, well you know...
And where does your misplaced belief in government oversight come from? You must have never done military service or you\'d know where the terms FUBAR and SNAFU came from. Ask any soldier who served in the early days of Iraq about government approved armament.
John in Brisbane
While I may have seen some boobies on the internet this one time, this type of product is just going too far. Guys, the answer is social skills and weight loss. And learning that if you develop an interest in pleasing women, they chase you around the house! This type of thing is sad.
Robert in Vancouver
Hogey74 is oblivious to the fact that many men simply choose not to be involved with a woman, or have no choice due to circumstances such as a health or physical problem.
Many others have a hard time attracting women because they are not tall, dark, handsome, and wealthy like Hogey74 is.
Either way, it\'s got nothing to do with social skills or body weight.
What is sad is that there are people out there like Hogey74.
Mark Fitzgibbon
O mi god - Tron meets the humble Barclays bank!!!
this is TRULY f*&^%d up!!!
nobody with a brain cell in their head would surely stick their JT in that!!! :)
NOT for me :)
Dancarmon is not entirely uncorrect.. The flashlight in itself dosen\'t have a virtual element, but there is a add-on that makes it so. Check out - They deliver a addon that screws on to the end of the flashlight and let you control a varity of sex-games on your computer with your private parts :) But yeah, this is probably the first one that works both ways.
Facebook User
Hogey74 Ohh they will chase you around the house!! weee. There are many men with many problems out there, and it is not all psychological, it's also physical. Women are attracted "Physically" to a man, and don't give that personality shit talk here. Personally when I was a teenager I never had any trouble getting the girl I wanted, but as time moved on, I grew up to be a "boy looking" man ( I am a bit short too). And I tell you, it is so difficult to get a girl now for me, even though I am not bad looking. One thing I know is that if I went to a secondary highschool girls would be all over me......
So... by my experience, is 80% physical 20% personality, and if for me is hard to get girls, I pity the hell out of some other folks out there, who have even more physical issues than I.
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