We've seen a lot of boutique revivalists in the auto industry in recent years, companies that revive true-to-original or retro-inspired car bodies with advanced modern powertrain and cabin technologies. Over the course of 2014 and 2015, we've taken a look at the classic-Mustang-inspired Equus Bass, the all-electric Shelby-based Renovo Coupe, and now the Revology Mustang. This post-modern reinterpretation of the iconic first-generation Mustang includes a full suite of the latest features.

Boutique revivalist automakers like Equus, Renovo and Revology attempt to update the original beauty of car design with the latest in technology, creating a unique classic-meets-modern driving experience marketed at discerning drivers and collectors, men and women that have owned or could easily own the original specimens but prefer something that drives and feels a bit more up to date.

Equus fills out its own heavily-Mustang-influenced, classically styled muscle car with a 640-hp V8 engine and an elegant modern interior. And Renovo takes it one step further in outfitting an officially licensed Shelby Cobra with a 500-hp all-electric powertrain and cutting-edge, high-powered infotainment system. The looks that have stood the test of time meet the very latest in power, handling, comfort and driver interfacing.

Revology sounds like it might allude to the science of engine revving, but it's actually an amalgamation of "re-engineering" and "evolution." The Florida-based company defines its mission as applying "modern technology to make classic vehicles better." Its Mustang replica, which made its debut at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance earlier this month, isn't quite as extreme as the Equus Bass or Renovo Coupe, but it definitely follows the same formula of classic looks meets modern technology.

"It is easy to see why the original Mustang is a classic. Fifty years later, it still looks great from any angle," opines Revology founder Tom Scarpello. "But automotive technology has advanced a lot in 50 years, and from a functional perspective, these old cars are truly outdated. At Revology, we keep the style and character of the original car, while seamlessly integrating modern technology and materials to improve performance, safety, reliability, and comfort."

Scarpello formerly worked as the head of Ford’s Special Vehicle Team, so it's not so surprising that his first car project at Revology is a Mustang. It all starts with an authentically styled all-steel body licensed from Ford and produced by Dynacorn. The only modifications from the original design are those required for accommodating new components and ride improvements.

"We didn’t take any liberties with the styling," says Scarpello. "You can literally unbolt a piece from a Revology Mustang replica and bolt it to an original Mustang and it will fit.”

Below the classic body, the Revology Mustang takes a sharp turn away from the mid 60s, starting with a remanufactured 1990s-era fuel-injected Ford 5.0-liter V8 under the hood. The engine is governed by a modern electronic management system and mated to either an automatic or manual transmission. Other mechanical upgrades include MacPherson strut front suspension, three-link rear suspension, power four wheel disc brakes, and power rack and pinion steering. The car also includes LED lighting, a collapsible steering column and side intrusion beams for enhanced safety.

The Revology cabin is upgraded with many of the latest technologies and creature comforts. The driver pops open the doors with remote keyless entry, then grabs a seat behind an LED-lit gauge cluster with LCD message center. The car includes Bluetooth connectivity, standard AC, and optional USB and auxiliary jacks. The playful power windows operate by pushing/pulling the classic window crank. Power seats, a tilt steering column and interior trunk release round out the package.

Revology has opened up its order books and is offering the Mustang in both convertible and fastback styles starting at US$119,500. Options include leather seats, a premium audio system and a wood grain console. Purchase includes a one-year, unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper warranty, three-year powertrain warranty, and five-year rust and corrosion warranty. Deliveries will begin in about a year's time.

Revology also offers overhauls of original Mustangs and other classic vehicles. It plans to offer additional modernized replica models in the future.

Source: Revology

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