Self-powered knee sensor for surgery

Self-powered knee sensor for s...
The Serial In-Vivo Transducer (SIT)Photo: Fauzan Baharudin
The Serial In-Vivo Transducer (SIT)Photo: Fauzan Baharudin
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The Serial In-Vivo Transducer (SIT)Photo: Fauzan Baharudin
The Serial In-Vivo Transducer (SIT)Photo: Fauzan Baharudin

A researcher at the University of Southampton in the UK has developed a new self-powered sensor that would allow surgeons to monitor progress during knee operations.

The Serial In-vivo Transducer (SIT) uses thick film technology and could measure tendon force during Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction; a common procedure among athletes.

Fauzan Baharudin, developed the sensor as part of his final year project for his Masters degree in Electromechanical Engineering. The sensor is based on thick film piezoelectric material developed by Fauzan's project supervisor, Professor Neil White, which makes it possible to produce a sensor that could power itself if it were installed in a device that vibrates. The technology could have wider applications, however Fauzan said he chose knee surgery "because there has been very little research carried out in this field and I felt a self-powered device could work well in the knee."

For further reading see University of Southampton. Thick Film Microcircuits also have a good summary of thick film technology here.

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