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Shipping container-based tiny house can be towed or stowed

Tiny house builder Escape is trying something different with its latest model, the Vista C. As its name suggests, the dwelling is part of the firm's Vista line, but is based around a shipping container. It comes with lots of optional extras, including an off-grid setup and a trailer for easy towing.

The Vista C is made from a standard metal shipping container measuring 20 ft (6 m)-long and 8 ft (2.4 m)-wide, and can come installed on a double-axle trailer, like the model shown, or be placed on foundations if being able to move location isn't a concern. The home can be painted in multiple colors and the cedar accenting shown on the exterior walls is optional.

The model here sports a ladder that provides access to a rooftop terrace running the full length and width of the home, while its wooden deck is motorized and is raised and lowered with the push of a button. Both features are optional extras.

Inside, the Vista C looks a lot like Escape's other Vista models, such as the Vista Go, and seems best suited as a secondary home or weekend cabin, rather than a full-time abode. It has generous glazing and the floorplan is mainly divided between a bedroom/living area with daybed and storage, plus a kitchenette with full-size fridge, cooker, sink, storage space and butcher block countertops.

The bathroom contains a shower, sink and toilet (composting, dry-flush or standard models are available).

The Vista C has generous glazing

Of course, all shipping container homes, whether designed by a starchitect or a dedicated container firm, share the same major flaw: thermal performance. Put simply, a big metal box isn't going to keep the heat or cold at bay. To address this, Escape has used closed cell foam insulation in the Vista C, the same stuff used in lots of other tiny houses. There are also several air-con and heater options available with the home.

Besides the deck and rooftop terrace, a few of the Vista C's other notable upgrades include keyless entry, a full off-grid package with solar power and on-board fresh water tank, (as well as the already mentioned composting toilet), and a taller container to boost headroom.

The Vista C starts at US$46,600. Check out the video below for a tour of the home.

Source: Escape

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1 comment
Hmm, which costs more, the options or the entire tiny home? $29.5k for the Vista OC, $31.3 for the options. Many of the options are pretty much necessities, so add it up first. The other concern is the large amount of glass in those. We all like a nice view, but glass is very, very lossy for both heat and coolth. With a southern facing deck, the house would be bathed in sun for most of the day, with the resultant bleaching of everything it touches and considerable glare. Cool to look at, but likely h*ll to live in. Also, only the portable is rodent resistant, so plan accordingly, as with any home. The deck would have to disappear for solar to be a possibility.