Up to now, Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence has been selling its two electric scooter models to rideshare operators and businesses like city couriers. But that's about to change. The first 500 of its S01 model are now up for pre-order to the company's home crowd, ahead of more widespread availability.

Presented at EICMA 2017, the S01 features a 6,000 watt motor for a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph), and a standstill to 50 km/h sprint of 3.8 seconds. Range is given as 115 km (72 mi) per 5 hour charge, but the battery unit is removable meaning that the electric scooter can be parked up, the battery popped out from the side and rolled trolley-like into the office for charging. Spare battery units will be made available for purchase.

The 2,000 x 705 x 1,313 mm (78.7 x 27.7 x 51.6 in) electric scooter has a ground clearance of 177 mm (6.9 in), three ride modes (plus reverse), hydraulic suspension to the front and a single shock at the back, LED main lighting front and rear (plus daytime running lights), and disc braking front and back.

The seat is shaped for rider and passenger, and can be unlocked using a companion app – to stow away one or two helmets. The app can also be used to unlock and start the S01 remotely, check battery status, estimated CO2 savings and trip info. A code can be generated to allow riders to share the S01 with friends, and the purchase package will include a free 3G SIM card.

At the moment, the pre-order books are only open to folks living in Spain, where the S01 will sell for €5,995 (about US$6,800). When it subsequently launches in Europe, it will be priced at €6,600. This puts it in the same premium ride category as the Vespa Elettrica and the Zapp i300, but the S01 will leave the Vespa in the dust and will roll for longer than both between charges.

The company told us that there are currently no plans to sell the S01 in the US or Asia.

Product page: Silence S01, via Electrek

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