West Hollywood's Sunset Strip has long been associated with roadside advertisements and an architectural competition aims to capitalize on this with a new high-end billboard for the area that caters to both drivers and pedestrians. Four firms are involved in the project, including Zaha Hadid.

Launched by the City Of West Hollywood, the competition is a bit of a mouthful with the official name of The Sunset Strip Spectacular Pilot Creative Off-Site Advertising Sign Competition. It includes a total of four designs from a like number of teams.

The teams are: JCDecaux and Zaha Hadid Project Management Limited; Orange Barrel Media, Tom Wiscombe Architecture, and MoCA; Outfront Media, Gensler, and Mak; and Tait Towers Inc.

The design credited to Hadid (conceived before her death) stands out from the rest. Dubbed The Prism, it calls for a recycled aluminum structure that is far less ambitious than Hadid's usual works but still features an echo of the starchitect's signature curves. The billboard would provide free Wi-Fi for passersby, while also displaying high-resolution images on its LED display.

Another notable entry (pictured above) comes from Gensler – the firm behind the world's second-tallest skyscraper – working with Outfront Media and Mak. The Unfolding Sunset proposal sports a number of LED screens which are arranged like a photo collage. Westbound travelers would see several images gradually merge into one large image before fragmenting again, while those headed eastbound would see art displayed on the billboard.

An overall winner will be selected later this month and will then be required to work with City of West Hollywood officials to refine the idea. If it proves a success, similar billboards may be installed throughout the area.

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