Suzuki's Twin Hybrid achieves 100 mpg

Suzuki's Twin Hybrid achieves ...
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Suzuki has launched a hybrid powered petrol/electric vehicle for sale on the Japanese market that travels an impressive 34 kilometres for every litre of fuel used - that's around 100mpg! The Suzuki Twin also features an automatic idling stop system shuts the engine down whenever the car stops at traffic lights or when stationary in heavy traffic, minimizing CO' emissions and fuel consumption.

"Although immensely popular in Japan, the mini car market in Australia has not kicked off to date, but Suzuki is known for its development of unique products and niche markets so we're currently investigating whether the Australian market has a place for a hybrid vehicle such as the Twin." Suzuki Australia's General Manager (Automobiles), David Le Mottee, said.

The Suzuki Twin hybrid vehicle is currently only produced for the domestic Japanese market.

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Adrian Akau
This vehicle seems very good for city driving. I wonder what price is being asked for in Japan. If there is a large differential between an EV and a hybrid of this size, then it might make more sense to invest in this direction. Since it has proven a popular car in Japan, it may someday find niche markets in other countries.