Long known for its Go and Go-Easy gear-hauling tent trailers, SylvanSport has debuted its first hard-sided trailer at this week's RVX show. Like the Go trailers, the all-new Vast is a dual-purpose toy-hauler/camper, only this trailer packs even more multifunctional ingenuity to effectively fill both roles. An indoor/outdoor sliding kitchen, lift-away and convertible queen beds, and sliding sofa combine to create one of the most effective space-optimizers we've ever seen, a dual-personality trailer ready for adventures of all styles and sizes.

The bright green color scheme and plastic nose box design keep the 21.5-foot (6.6-m) Vast recognizable as a SylvanSport, but beyond that it's a completely new direction for the North Carolina company. The hard-sided trailer wears a custom composite skin over insulated interior walls supported by an aluminum frame. The corners of the boxy structure are double capped for leak-free waterproof integrity.

The real story gets started when you flip open the Vast's full-height tailgate to reveal the sofa lounge immediately at the rear. This simple lounge combines an L-shaped sofa and multi-position sliding table. At night, the sofa folds flat and converts to a proper 60 x 80-in (152 x 203-cm) queen-size bed for two, and during the drive, it slides forward on sidewall rails to clear out the toy garage, ensuring that this SylvanSport can haul bikes, skis, boards and other gear. The sitting area remains available in forward position.

A second feature helping clear out cargo space for the drive is the power-lift top queen bed. The bed lifts away at the push of a button, lowering down when it's time to turn in. Essentially the primary bed, it can lower all the way down for a two-sleeper configuration or it can be set higher, working as a top bunk over the queen-size converted sofa bed to provide space for four adults. With this bed system, the trailer easily adjusts between couples' trips and family trips without losing the capacity to carry bicycles and other gear to camp.

SylvanSport could have simply popped in a basic interior kitchen block or slide-out external kitchen and called it a day, but instead it pressed on with multifunctional innovation, combining those two into one. The indoor/outdoor kitchen stores away under the roof where it provides indoor cooking. It also slides out and downward for those times when you prefer to cook under the sun or stars. The large 56 x 40-in (142 x 102-cm) flip-up side window and indoor/outdoor dining table position let campers easily pass food and drink between kitchen and dining lounge.

The kitchen includes a dual-burner stove, slide-out fridge/freezer, bamboo countertop, sink, folding countertop extension and modular storage system. Its sliding action has an added benefit, freeing up an indoor shower space in the bathroom when pulled outside. That shower combines with the adjoining toilet room to give the compact trailer a full indoor dry bathroom. A flip-up bathroom sink helps manage space.

To make it easier to load and unload long, heavy gear like canoes and stand-up paddle boards, SylvanSport turns cargo carry on its side. Instead of roof rails, it's equipped the Vast with full-height side mounting rails, creating a side-mounted carrier system. This makes gear much easier to access than it would be on the 9-foot-high (2.7-m) rooftop.

Up front, the nose box holds an additional 510 liters of gear or supplies. It slides forward slightly to reveal the two propane tanks, two batteries and spare tire.

The Vast weighs an estimated 2,500 lb (1,134 kg) and offers 500 lb (227 kg) of payload. The ceiling stands at just under 6.8 feet (2 m), providing comfortable standing room for most people.

The Vast isn't available just yet, but those interested can hop on the preorder waitlist at the SylvanSport link below. The company told us at RVX that pricing will be around US$49,000.

Source: SylvanSport

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