Having clean, healthy teeth is important, and doing so involves using a quality toothbrush. Project creator Ryan Donaghy is aiming to make the electric toothbrush a little better and a whole lot cooler, with the introduction of the T.brush (pronounced "T dot brush").

From a functionality standpoint, the T.brush team makes a big change to the battery, using a smaller, lighter lithium-polymer battery that they promise will increase life by about 70 percent over similar electric toothbrush models. They also promise that it will charge three times faster than regular toothbrush batteries. Of course, for those that use disposable batteries, the speedy rechargeable battery will also save money over the long run.

The battery also allows the toothbrush to be smaller and lighter, thus making it better for people who travel a lot. While it’s often easier to use a non-electric toothbrush on the road, Donaghy aims for his to be able to travel without issue.

To go along with the travel theme, T.brush features universal voltage and USB charging, so it can be juiced up around the world, even if there isn’t an available outlet. The toothbrush is charged right inside of its travel case, which should make it quite a bit easier to use and charge while on the go.

As for the actual brushing, the T.brush uses oscillate-and-rotate technology, which the team claims is the most effective cleaning method for healthy teeth. The 9000-RPM motor is quite powerful, and should offer a solid brushing.

Some other cool features offered by T.brush include a 2-minute timer, a floss head attachment, multiple cleaning modes, and pressure control.

The other thing Donaghy was going for with his new toothbrush is style. It’s offered with quite a few different looks, ranging from patriotic to simple white to bright neon. The functionality of the toothbrush remains the same with each style.

The T.brush is currently taking pledges on Kickstarter, seeking £175,000 (about US$274,660) to mass-produce the new electric toothbrush. Backers interested in preordering one in the classic white color can do so for a minimum pledge of £55 ($86), and backers who want one of the six other styles can get one for £59 ($93). The toothbrushes should be available in December 2015, if all goes according to plans.

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