Yes, it does indeed look like the freaky love-child of an Uzi and a Bowie knife, but the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is actually designed to save lives. It combines several implements that are aimed at getting accident victims out of their wrecked cars, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The T3 was created by New York City paramedic Avi Goldstein, and although he designed it primarily with first responders in mind, it can also be used by drivers and passengers for self-rescue.

It includes an LED light for seeing what needs to be done in night-time accidents, along with a folding stainless steel hook blade for slicing through seat belts “in a single pull,” a folding half-serrated blade for cutting whatever else might be in the way, and a spring-loaded window punch for breaking tempered glass. While similar products feature hammer-style window punches, Goldstein points out that inside of a twisted vehicle, there isn’t always room to swing one of those.

The T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is available now for US$39.99, via the link below.

Source: StatGear

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