Open Source

  • From the eerie tones of classic B-movies to atmospheric warbling on modern music tracks, the Theremin is instantly recognizable. An open-source version called the Theremotion uses a Leap controller to add a new layer of expressive control.
  • Laptops have been getting thinner, more powerful and increasingly difficult to customize. The Reform from Berlin's MNT Research dares to be different with open software and open hardware that invites modders to get under the hood and go wild.
  • Organizations are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to automate that decision making. But if those ​AI algorithms use imperfect data and flawed assumptions, they inherit the biases and prejudices of the humans behind them. ​But IBM is throwing down the gauntlet.
  • ​There are compelling reasons to use open source software. There's the obvious benefit that it's free to use. It's arguably more secure. And it's built solely for the benefit of users. This in mind, here are 10 of the best open source alternatives to the software we use on our computers every day.
  • NASA's Curiosity lander touched down on the surface of Mars in August, 2012, and its rover payload rolled out shortly after to begin its meandering mission. Now tinkerers and students can build their very own mini Mars rover for exploring backyard craters and vast garden mountain ranges.
  • Thecorpora has launched an Indiegogo campaign to get the One robot into the hands of kids, educators, developers and robot enthusiasts. The open source desktop bot is described as easy to build, simple to program and easy to hack.​
  • OpenCar has launched a new portal for collaborative in-car application development. The software development lifecycle (SDLC) management service, called InsideTrack, is the latest part of the company’s overall suite of tools aimed towards developers of infotainment applications.
  • Open Bionics, with support from Disney Accelerator, transforms prostheses that kids would rather hide into those that Iron Man or Frozen's Elsa would wear. The company says that for kids it transforms being different into being cool.
  • Buzz Technology Limited, out of London, is looking to stand out from the 3D printer crowd with its Industrial Revolution III printer (or IR3 for short) that can embed wiring within plastic components using conductive material.
  • Kevin King and his kids Halley and Parker have developed a digital pet called Ringo and thanks to a successful crowdfunding effort, the teeny Arduino-based robotics and programming learning tool could be swarming towards backers in the coming months.
  • The OnePlus One was the sleeper smartphone of 2014 that very few people were able to get their hands on, which is a shame, because several months later we've found that it's still among the best devices out there despite a few big flaws.
  • UK-based Carl Turner Architects recently revealed some details concerning a home that will float in case of a sudden flood, or can also be installed as a full-time houseboat. The firm plans to make the blueprints for Floating House available for free download via the open source Paperhouses project.
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