• Tailgate, roof, hitch – a vehicle has a lot of cargo capacity, but capacity eventually runs out. Thule has eased the burden, splitting its latest roof-top tent in half so that the remaining roof can be used to carry a bike or other long cargo.
  • Following up on the Tepui HyBox roof tent/cargo box, Thule brings an even more convenient HyBox design to market. The new HyBox Wedge adds a few extra hinges, making for hassle-free late-night set-ups and instant early-morning breakdowns.
  • Tepui is building upon its versatile roof-top tent (RTT) lineup with the HyBox. The innovative vehicle tent will support all kinds of adventures at all times of year. Peel the tent canvas off and you have a roomy cargo box eager to swallow sports gear, clothes, tools and other essentials.
  • More glamp-y than a ground tent and much cheaper than a full RV, the roof-top tent is an interesting solution for those that camp out of their vehicles. But if you'd prefer the roof-top tent without the roof, a new hitch mount being developed by start-up Hitch 'n Pitch may be just the thing.
  • Tepui is heavily invested in expanding the roof-top tent market out from hardcore overlanders to the masses of general outdoor lovers and festival campers. We've looked at some of their recent innovations, and we figured it high time to find out what camping on top of a roof is all about.
  • Tepui is on a mission to get people up off the ground and sleeping on top of their cars and trucks. Its latest product line should only help. The light, versatile Baja Series provides three interchangeable fabric options, giving campers year-round comfort.
  • The new Tepui White Lightning roof-top tent offers the most comprehensive feature set we've seen on a roof-top tent, including integrated roof rails, the ability to double as a roof-top cargo box and a low-profile design that shouldn't take away too many mpgs on your campground commute.​