• Putting heavy gear in a wagon definitely makes it easier to transport, but the load can still be difficult to pull – particularly going uphill. That's where the e-Wagon is designed to come in, as it features electric motors for easier hauling.
  • Cargo wagons certainly make the hauling of loads easier, although particularly heavy wagonloads can still be difficult to pull. The Buffalo Cart was designed with such tasks in mind, and it features its own electric motor.
  • Throughout Volvo’s history, wagons have been present in various formats. The V60 is perhaps the most-recognized station wagon on the market today, offering premium midsized luxury with a hatch.
  • The Panamera Sport Turismo isn't exactly a traditional Porsche, so it seems fitting that the new range-topping model isn't a GT3 or conventional Turbo. Instead, it's the Turbo S E-Hybrid, which uses an electric motor and gasoline engine for big performance.
  • Audi has whipped the covers off a new RS 4 Avant. Gone are the old V8 and dual-clutch gearbox, and in their place is a downsized turbo V6 and torque converter. Don't think the Audi has gone soft, though. The all-wheel drive RS 4 should still give BMW M3 and AMG C63 owners nightmares.
  • It's rare for a car manufacturer to truly try break the mold, but BMW's Gran Turismo – or GT – models are notable exceptions. The new 6 Series GT might look awkward, but that hunchback design is there to blend the best bits of sedan, wagon and hatchback body styles in one package.
  • Manufacturers are clamoring to create SUVs in every shape and size at the moment, but that doesn't mean wagons can't thrive. The Buick Regal TourX, developed as an Opel, mixes the perks of high-riding SUVs with city-friendly road manners to create a compelling, stylish package.
  • Having teased the concept back in 2012, the engineers in Stuttgart have brought the bootylicious Panamera Sport Turismo to production. With room for four people and their luggage it's eminently practical, but the Porsche genes under the skin should mean it handles too.
  • Hyundai has been busy over the past few months, unveiling the i30 in Paris and announcing plans for a hotted-up i30 N, but that isn't all its been working on. The new i30 Touring shares only a badge with its predecessor, running with a new chassis, design and engine lineup. ​
  • Opel has turned the Insignia Grand Sport into a slick four-wheel drive fighter. The Insignia Sports Tourer might be blessed with the same good looks and luxurious interior as the sedan, but there's even more space for kids, pets and luggage down back. Could it convince you to join the wagon club?
  • Four-wheel drives might be taking over the roads, but old-fashioned station wagons are still getting some love in Europe. BMW has whipped the covers off the G30 5 Series Touring, which has been treated to the same tech-onslaught as the sedan, but has room for the family, pets and all their baggage.
  • ​Mercedes has plugged every four-wheel drive niche imaginable, but that doesn't mean it has forgotten about families who just want a wagon. The E-Class Estate has space for the family and all their kit, but doesn't try to be something it's not. And we're perfectly okay with that. ​
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