London-based Tech Will Save Us has introduced two new educational toys today – a badge-making craft kit called Sew + Glow and a bike light kit dubbed Light Racer that makes use of wireless power to get your spokes glowing.

The latest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) kits from Tech Will Save Us are aimed at 8 to 12 year-olds and have been developed to demystify wireless power and conductive thread.

The Sew + Glow kit comes with a number of templates for badge creation and is ideal for electrical engineers too young for a soldering iron. It's designed to teach traditional crafting skills while also bringing badges to life with the help of conductive thread and LED lights. Templates are available, or kids can create their own designs.

If your youngsters like to bike, then the Light Racer kit will show them how to build wheel lights that slide between the spokes and illuminate during a ride. Students follow an online guide for step-by-step instructions detailing how to create and wirelessly power the lightning bolt-shaped bike lights.

It doesn't look a particularly challenging project, but there's a decent safety aspect as well as showing how coils, emitters and capacitors lead to wireless lighting. And if your kids want to do something else with the kit – such as break apart the light to make a theramin – new ideas are released online every week.

Both the Sew + Glow and Light Racer kits are priced at US$24.99 each. The first video below has more on the Sew + Glow kit, the second features the Light Racer kit.

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