Tesla's Summon feature, which allows owners to have their vehicles autonomously pull in and out of parking spaces, has made its way to the company's first mass market sedan, the all-electric Model 3.

Many Model 3 owners and owners-to-be may be used to playing the waiting game, but bit by bit, the company is starting to deliver on the mountain of preorders lodged for the vehicle, which number in the hundreds of thousands. It managed to ship just 18,440 shipped in Q2 this year, although this was a sizeable jump from the 8,180 shipped in Q1.

Those with one already sitting in their garage, however, can now have their car autonomously pull in and out of parking spaces thanks to a new over-the-air update for the Summon feature, which was already available to Model S and Model X owners.

The feature is designed to be used once the user reaches their home and only on private property, at least for now. Using their smartphone, owners can prompt the car to open the garage door, park itself and shut itself down once in place. This also works in reverse, allowing departing owners to wait out the front for their car to greet them.

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