Although charging points are becoming more commonplace, buying an electric vehicle still brings some uncertainty with regard to how far and where you'll be able to travel. Tesla is removing some of the guesswork for prospective buyers, bringing a new trip-planning tool online to help you map out potential routes.

Tesla is expanding its Supercharger network in a big way. First launched in 2012, it now includes more than 5,400 outlets across the globe with plans to grow to 10,000 in the near future. These points provide up to 170 mi (273 km) of range on as little as 30 minutes of charging, and are billed as a way for Tesla owners to stay on the move when out on the road.

A more detailed version of the trip-planning software was already available through the in-car display, but now anyone with a web connection can imagine life on the road as Tesla owner. You simply put in your model, starting point and destination then the tool spits out a route, along with the stops you'll need to make to charge up along the way.

So let's say I've got a European vacation planned, including a road trip from Paris to Barcelona (thanks boss). After selecting the Model S Sedan with a 100 kWh battery, Tesla's trip planner tells me the 12-hour trip will be broken up by a 20 minute charge in Bourges, a 25 minute pit stop in Clermont-Ferrand, a 40 minute charge in Albaret-Sainte-Marie and then one last 40-minute top-up in Narbonne before hopping over the border to Barcelona.

It also offers an estimate of gas savings from electrifying your journey above, yes, a big red "Order Model S" button, along with a button to schedule a test drive, should that tickle your fancy.

Source: Tesla

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