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The combination wine cabinet and refrigerator

The combination wine cabinet and refrigerator
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October 20, 2006 Liebherr is well known for its high quality wine cabinets and also makes a range of superb refridgerators so it was only a matter of time before someone got the bright idea for combining them. If you’re a regular wine drinker, it’s heaven sent as the wine cabinet has two zones for storing and/or serving wine at the exact temperature desired, ranging from +41°F (+5°C) to +64°F (+18°C). In all, the SBS 24I5 unit has five different climate zones and ensures everything is kept as it should be. As such, we figure it qualifies as a new and innovative appliance that allows you to store all food and drink under perfect conditions.

The NoFrost freezer with automatic IceMaker complements a spacious refrigerator and the BioFresh compartment helps fruit vegetables, meat and fish stay fresh up to three times longer. With various temperature zones, this model provides you with the ideal storage for all types of food and beverages.

The LED light in the wine storage compartments can be dimmed, providing pleasant interior ambient lighting. The 48” model is composed of two units that come with a Side-by-Side kit and is available in both built-in custom-finish (shown) and stainless steel models.

The two 24” built-in units are also available separately, offering a Wine-Freezer solution in custom-finish (WFI 1051) and stainless steel (WF 1051) options, and a full length refrigerator with three BioFresh-drawers in custom-finish (RBI 1400) and stainless steel (RB 1400) as well.

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