Tiny Innovations recently revealed its newest tiny house, the Ibiza. The compact dwelling measures just 20 ft (6 m)-long, but can squeeze a maximum of six people inside. It can also, optionally, run fully off-the-grid with a solar panel setup.

The Ibiza is being marketed as Gresham, Oregon-based Tiny Innovations' most affordable model and starts at US$59,000. The design is correspondingly simple, both inside and out, and the towable home is clad in tight knot cedar lap siding and insulated with closed cell spray foam. It's based on a double-axle trailer.

Visitors enter into a living room with sofa/bed and quite a bit of storage space. A staircase with integrated storage and a fridge stored beneath is nearby. The kitchen includes a breakfast bar, a handy pull-out cutting board, a sink with removable chopping board cover and a three-burner oven.

At the far-end of the home lies a snug bathroom with toilet, shower, and a sink.

There are two lofts in the Ibiza. The first serves as the main bedroom and is accessed by the staircase. It contains a double bed and some storage space. The second is reached by ladder and mainly intended for storage, but can alternatively sleep up to two people.

Counting the sofa and the two lofts, Tiny Innovations says that sleeping two to four people is ideal, but six is doable – indeed, shoehorning six people under this small roof seems like it would be best for short stays only.

Those wanting to cut the cord can do so with an optional off-grid setup (at an additional cost) that includes a roof-based solar panel array and battery storage, propane-powered fridge and cooker, and either a composting or incinerating toilet.

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