Tokyo Auto Salon – the off-the-wall sibling of the far more staid bi-annual Tokyo Motor Show – is part showcase for the Japanese custom car industry and part theatrical show. Beginning back in 1983 as the "Tokyo Exciting Car Show," it has grown in popularity with the public and industry alike over the past three decades, now attracting some 300,000 visitors. Here's our look at some of the colorful highlights from the 2015 event.

This year's show saw home grown creations on display from Daihatsu, Honda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota, each showing that there's a fun side to their businesses.

One of several Honda concept models based on its new N-Box city car (Photo: Stephen Clemenger/

A common theme often emerges at Auto Salon with many custom parts manufacturers honing in on a particular model to dress up. For 2015, it seemed to be the turn of the small Suzuki Hustler SUV – on every other stand there was a modified or costumed and customized Hustler on display, even from Suzuki itself.

The Suzuki Hustler is versatile car with a split personality, as amply demonstrated around the show and on Suzuki`s own stand (Photo: Stephen Clemenger/

The Suzuki Hustler was the most prominent customized vehicle at the show – here Fuji and Style Auto try to emphasize the off-road side of the Hustler by raising the ride height, fitting large wheels ... and painting it pink (Photo: Stephen Clemenger/

Also noteworthy was Daihatsu's collection of design themes for its recently launched 2nd generation Copen. The car has external panels that can be easily changed, making it relatively easy process for owners to design and make their own body panels.

Daihatsu might well be the star of future shows having made it easier for people to customize the Copen small sports car (Photo: Stephen Clemenger/

Head on through to the gallery for more of the extraordinary (and plain weird) vehicle son display at Tokyo Auto Salon 2015.

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