We've reported on a lot of great tiny houses here at Gizmag, but Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz's recently-completed Toybox Tiny Home stands out from the crowd with its fun, colorful exterior and well-designed interior. A lot of time went into the design and construction of this miniature dwelling – and it shows – with almost every inch of the 140 sq ft (13 sq m) of floorspace used to its full potential.

The construction of the Toybox Tiny Home began almost a year ago and it was completed earlier this month.

"The build itself was a long process," the 22-year old Henderson told Gizmag. "It involved building the house in two parts in order to pass under the door height of our original building space. Then we towed it to an air hanger in DeKalb (75 miles west of Chicago) in the middle of winter and worked on it in 0 degree temperatures. It finally ended up in a driveway in Lake Forest, where we were able to finish it out in the spring. We built while designing, so it took much longer than expected."

The towable home rests on a 20 x 8 ft (6 x 2.4 m) trailer that's rated up to 10,500 lb (4,762 kg). Henderson estimates the house weighs around 8,000 lb (3,600 kg).

Its interior layout is simple and includes a relatively generous living space measuring 7 x 9 ft (2.1 x 2.7 m), that features eight storage cubes which can be arranged to form a couch, several seats, or a spare bed, as required. The kitchen includes a low-flow faucet and plenty of worktop space, and also sports a fridge, freezer, microwave, and a pantry wall. Nearby lies a small dining table that doubles as a work area.

The primary sleeping area is a raised loft space accessible via moveable ladder that measures 6 x 7 ft (1.82 x 2.1 m) and can fit up to a king size bed. The bathroom, meanwhile, measures 4 x 5 ft (1.2 x 1.5 m) and includes a toilet, sink, and shower.

Access to the Toybox Tiny Home is gained by a large sliding glass door, which also helps promote natural ventilation, and warmth is provided by radiant underfloor heating. The floor's heating pads are made from recycled denim and Henderson reports that he reckons it operates more efficiently than a standard space heater. The house was installed with efficient LED lighting throughout, and a grey water recycling system feeds used water into a trough around the base of the house that contains plants.

The Toybox House is currently located in Lake Forest, Illinois, and is up for sale at US$48,000.

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