An intriguing overhead image released by Toyota last Thursday suggests the motor company may unveil an unusual electric concept vehicle, dubbed i-Road, at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show in March.

Details are thin on the ground at this stage, but the press release offers one or two clues as to what we can expect. "The Toyota i-Road has been conceived as a compact, fun and emissions-free personal mobility concept, designed to offer quick and efficient urban transport for two people," it said.

What can be gleaned from this tiddiest of tidbits? Not much, except to say that "emissions free" strongly implies an electric (or, er, clockwork) vehicle. And though dimensions aren't given the tease screams "compact vehicle." Unless that's a vinyl turntable, the apparently central steering column suggests the quoted two seats will be arranged one behind the other.

It's all but impossible to tell from the single overhead image, but the i-Road appears to have a certain vintage hot rod aesthetic. Time will tell. If a teaser of a concept vehicle counts for anything, it at least illustrates that not all inner-city EVs need be satsuma shaped.

According to the same release, Toyota will also show an open-top take on its FT-86 concept. Toyota says that the concept Toyota FT-86 Open will be used to gauge public opinion, though a prototype is apparently already in development.

Toyota says that it will also seize the opportunity to unveil the Auris Touring Sports estate while its fourth-gen RAV4 SUV will make its first European motor show appearance.

We'll bring you more details of the i-Road as we hear them.

Source: Toyota

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