If you're a Londoner, you're likely pretty used to seeing some odd things in Trafalgar Square. Like the giant blue cockerel sculpture that sat on the fourth plinth until a little over a year ago, for example. Now, a new project is looking to transform the famous landmark into a colorful crazy golf course featuring designs from renowned artists, designers and architects.

The installation is intended to form part of the London Design Festival in September, which will be made up of hundreds of events and exhibitions across the city and should attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the UK's capital (an estimated 375,000 people from more than 70 countries attended last year's event).

The crazy golf project is being curated by designer Paul Smith, with his part of the effort seeing the steps that lead up to the National Gallery transformed into a set of multi-colored stripes, with a futuristic-looking club house up top.

Each hole will fill a small area, and will be designed so as to make a statement about the future of architecture. Expect bright colors and futuristic structures, with hole designs including a cross-section of a giant pigeon – built by Ordinary Architecture – and a netted driving range from the Japanese studio Atelier Bow-Wow.

"All of the designers I invited to take part, both distinguished and emerging talents, have been given free rein to be playful, original and have fun," said Smith. "The result will be a wonderful and accessible display, right at the heart of London, which will celebrate design and creativity, and explore engineering and new materials."

Visionary architect Zaha Hadid, who recently passed away, was also involved in the project. A team from Zaha Hadid Architects plan to continue her work on the course, creating a two level design that traces the shadow of Nelson's Column, reflecting the organic forms for which she was known.

The project is looking to raise £120,000 (equivalent to about US$170,000) on Kickstarter by June 6, which is expected to cover around half the funds needed to make it a reality. The crowdfunding effort is essential to the project's existence, and it can't go ahead without money from backers.

So, what do backers get for their cash support? Well, pledges run from £5 up to £5,000 for rewards ranging from a simple "thank you" up to a meet and greet with Paul Smith and his team. Tours of certain studios involved in the effort are also up for grabs.

Assuming it materializes, the course will be free for the public to use, opening on September 16 for one week. Considering that Trafalgar Square is already a hub for tourists, we imagine there might end up being some pretty significant queues to contend with if you're looking to get your crazy golf fix.

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