Following up on the 2012 Troller TR-X concept, Ford has designed a pair of custom Troller T4 off-road special editions. The specialized versions of its Jeep-like, Brazil-market 4x4 are built to go deeper and include a variety of upgrades, such as snorkels and winches. They are appearing alongside other production and special edition T4 models at this week's São Paulo Motor Show.

Back in June, we looked at the all-new Troller T4, a utility vehicle with strong resemblance to off-road legends like Willys jeeps and Toyota Land/FJ Cruisers. While an intriguing, little 4x4, the production T4 does lack some of the rough-and-ready off-road style of the TR-X concept that previewed it.

The new T4 off-road special edition brings that style back. The show car gets a two-toned, bronzed-over look that's as earthy as its tires. It also brings back the passenger-side snorkel seen on the TR-X, gets a set of BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires and packs a Warn winch up front. Its suspension has been upgraded for trail use, as have the bumpers.

Ford's press materials don't mention any engine tuning, so the T4 special edition must rely on the same 200-hp 3.2-liter turbo diesel engine as the production model. That engine offers up to 347 lb-ft (470 Nm) of torque.

Next to the T4 special edition, Ford is also showing the T4-based Off-Road Rescue concept. That version appears even more closely related to the TR-X concept, perhaps even that very same concept dressed in orange. Designed with emergency rescue in mind, the model includes blue exterior accents, LED lighting, 17-in wheels with Mud Terrain tires, and a rescue canoe working like the cherry on top.

Take a closer look at these two T4 special editions, along with the other T4s of São Paulo, in the photo gallery. Since a utility vehicle just doesn't have the same appeal when sparkling and pristine, we've also mixed in a few photos of Copa rally Trollers disrupting sand, dirt and water.

Source: Troller/Ford

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