Back in July we reported on the Amabrush, a motorized mouthpiece that reportedly cleaned all your teeth in just 10 seconds. For those who felt that was still way too much time to be wasting cleaning your teeth we introduce the Unico, a smartbrush mouthpiece that is claimed to brush your teeth in just three seconds.

Unico is essentially a mouthpiece containing an unspecified number of little brushes, with a micro-pump system sending toothpaste to each individual brush. These brushes are powered by a separate power unit that contains a motor and slots onto the mouthpiece.

According to the company's Kickstarter page, the device can actually clean all your teeth in just 1.87 seconds, but the full duration was brought up to three seconds, "to give you the time to at least quickly do your hair or spray on some perfume while you are using it."

The device comes in four separate mouth unit sizes and each mouth unit sits in a UV rack for sterilization after use. Everything is contained in a dock that recharges the motor unit between uses, and the device comes with an accompanying app that allows you to tweak the settings of the wash duration and brush speeds.

If you've read this far and are feeling a little skeptical, you're not alone. Unico's crowdfunding campaign has has been inundated with critical comments, questioning everything from the actual mechanics of the product to the footage of the working prototype.

In classic Kickstarter fashion, the product has sold like crazy, and with just a few days to go the Unico has raised over €700,000 (US$833,000) after seeking just €75,000 (US$89,200). With a basic kit starting at €99 (US$118) and a pretty stylish looking design, it isn't hard to see why people are throwing money at this product.

The company behind the product lay out an ambitious timeline for delivery, with mass production slated to start in December 2017 and first deliveries rolling out from February 2018. This timeline seem overly ambitious for a product that doesn't even have a clearly identified working prototype.

In theory, Unico sounds like an amazing product and we'd love it to exist and work as promised, but this kind of Kickstarter campaign doesn't exactly fill us with confidence. Invest at your own risk.

Source: Kickstarter

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