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Delfast is working on an electric three-wheeler for package delivery

Delfast is working on an elect...
Engineer's sketch of the Delfast etrike
Engineer's sketch of the Delfast etrike
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The Delfast etrike project is currently at the prototype stage
The Delfast etrike project is currently at the prototype stage
Engineer's sketch of the Delfast etrike
Engineer's sketch of the Delfast etrike

Ukraine ebike maker Delfast has already secured a Guinness World Record for the greatest distance on a single charge on two wheels, and has both consumer and business models in its range. Now it's working on an electric tricycle destined for small to medium businesses.

Delfast has form in creating ebikes for package delivery. It launched in 2014 as a one-hour eco delivery service and set about designing and building an ebike solution to best fit its needs. Manufacture of high performance ebikes for individuals and companies followed, though the original Delfast delivery company still operates out of Kyiv in the Ukraine.

With the support of the USAID (Unites States Agency for International Development) Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine platform, company engineers have now started sketching and prototyping the new etrike and at this stage details are sparse. The ultimate aim is to create something that's high quality, affordable, comfortable and efficient.

The Delfast etrike project is currently at the prototype stage
The Delfast etrike project is currently at the prototype stage

We can tell you that it will have a modular cargo platform to the rear that's capable of being adapted to different business needs – it can be used to haul packages or set up as a mobile store or kiosk, for example. If could also be modified to transport tourists around town like a tuk tuk. Delfast told us that the maximum load will be 300 kg (660 lb).

It will also feature a 48-V/40-Ah lithium battery and a 750-W brushless rear motor for a top speed of up to 42 km/h (26 mph) in the US and 25 km/h (15.5 mph) in the EU, and up to 110 km (68 mi) of per charge range. Riders can choose throttle control or pedal assist. Stopping power will come from a Tektro V brake to the front and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes at the back.

The project is very much at the early stages at the moment, with engineers still prototyping. We expect more info as development nears completion.

Source: Delfast

This is both pretty cool and very necessary, since it represents a potentially affordable alternative to injurious and relatively inefficient human, or horribly polluting 2-stroke, power sources in many places worldwide.

If you move somewhat up the scale in complexity and cost, there's already a 3-wheel option that's about to enter pre-production beta testing in America. The 'Deliverator' is designed to be a low-footprint, electric, urban light delivery vehicle produced by Arcimoto of Eugene, Oregon.

Hopefully these types of evolved transport solutions will get the need boost from post-pandemic conditions and society's increased awareness of the rather profound costs of continuing to just lay back and sip away on dead dinosaurs.

{full disclosure} We own an Arcimoto 'Evergreen' edition 3-wheeler, but have no other relationship to this company.
Eric Blenheim
They would be able to increase the range vastly with this new battery technology, see; 'Ex-Navy officer turned inventor signs a multi-million deal to produce his electric car battery that will take drivers 1,500 miles without needing to charge' By DAVID ROSE FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY.
I hope the tourist version comes with serious cushioning in the seats.
Other than front fork shocks and pneumatic tires, the vehicle has no suspension; a deal breaker for me.