VholdR ContourHD: world first wearable camcorder shoots HD video

VholdR ContourHD: world first wearable camcorder shoots HD video
VholdR's ContourHD wearable camcorder
VholdR's ContourHD wearable camcorder
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VholdR's ContourHD wearable camcorder
VholdR's ContourHD wearable camcorder

April 28, 2009 Action camera specialist VholdR looks to have pulled out all stops with its latest offering - the ContourHD Wearable Camcorder. Billed as the world’s first and lightest HD wearable camcorder, the ContourHD shoots widescreen, 1280x720 HD quality video at 30 frames per second, sports a new 135 degrees lens, a new internal microphone designed to reduce wind-noise, and an innovative twin laser shot alignment system, all wrapped in a self-contained, ruggedized package that weighs just 4 ounces.

The unit can be switched between HD and SD recording. The SD video mode is still widescreen (854 x 480) and is shot at 60 fps (double the speed of the original VholdR).

Recording is to microSD card and for each GB of memory around 30 minutes HD video or an hour of SD video can be recorded. That's 60 minutes of HD on the included 2GB, card but 8 hours is possible if you get hold of a 16GB card.

Realizing that partaking in adventure activities worthy of strapping a camera to your head may coincide with a need to wear protective gloves, VholdR has designed the camera with a single, oversized, sliding control switch. We like the sliding idea - if you simply have one large on/off button, it's easy to get confused as to whether the unit is on or off, and you end up having to remove your helmet or goggles to check.

Another clever piece of design is the alignment system which uses two lasers mounted either side of the 192 degrees rotating lens. If these lasers are aligned horizontally, so is the shot. Handy when you are mounting the camera to bike frames, helmets and all sorts of odd-angled fixing points.

ContourHD also includes an HD upgrade to the VholdR's editing software (Mac and PC compatible) and the company's patent-pending TRail™ Mounts “slide and lock” system. It will be available in May 2009 for USD$299.99.

Full specs, and some great video samples, at VholdR.

Noel McKeegan

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