Composers struck by a muse while out and about might use a smartphone or a dedicated recorder to jot down ideas. Maybe something comes of those gems and maybe not. Vochlea Music's goal in making the Dubler Studio Kit is to help musicians "release the stems of musical ideas trapped in their heads and get them straight into their production software – by simply using their voice."

"The Dubler Studio Kit unlocks musical expression, fuels creativity and is generally a lot of fun," said Vochlea Music's George Wright. "It speeds up the traditional music creation workflow by allowing the user to control and manipulate MIDI outputs through audio inputs. Essentially meaning you can lay down melodies, drum loops, effects tracks… whatever you want, directly from voice to DAW."

The Kit is made up of a low latency USB microphone that's tuned for the supplied Dubler Mac/PC software. The latter is a virtual MIDI instrument that's compatible with music production software, and is able to recognize a new user's voice in about a minute. An unlimited number of user profiles can be stored within the software.

Dubler uses voice timbre to trigger up to eight samples, control synths, add sustain, pitch bend notes, trigger effects, manipulate filters and more in real time – not in post production.

"With the Dubler Studio Kit, It's not just about the note you sing, but the way you sing it," quipped Vochlea in a press release.

The software can also recognize non-vocal sounds, such as hand claps and foot stomps, which can be assigned triggers or controls.

London startup Vochlea Music has recently been beta testing the Dubler Studio Kit with artists and producers, and has now launched on Kickstarter to get the system into the hands of music makers. Pledges start at £195 (US$255) and, if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in October. The video below has more.

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