Last mile electric transport solutions come in many shapes and sizes – from single-wheeled rollers and skateboards to portable electric two-wheelers and kickscooters. Voro Motors has a good selection of the latter in its catalog and has now launched a seated e-scooter called the Orca Mark I on Kickstarter.

Voro reckons that the Orca Mark I will roll for up to 60 km (37 miles) per 3-4 hour charge of its 15.6 Ah battery, meaning that riders are probably not going to be slaves to daily top-ups. This is not a pedal-assist machine though, so if that battery does run dry mid-trip, you'll need to get off and walk the rest of the way while pushing your Orca along.

Top speed is 33 km/h (21 mph) thanks for a 48 V/350 W brushless motor, and the e-scooter should be able to handle hill gradients of up to 30 degrees. The rider can select three speed modes on the handlebar, which is also home to an electronic horn, an LCD panel for displaying trip info, a USB charging port and a button to switch on the front and rear lights integrated into the IP54 weather-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame.

There are spings under the seat, a rear shock and suspension to the front to help smooth out the inevitable urban bumps you'll encounter on your commute, though the Orca does ride on chunky 12-inch tires that will absorb some of the judder. Disc braking front and back provide stopping power and the e-scooter can accommodate loads of 140 kg (over 300 lb).

A remote key fob locks and unlocks the Orca, and if anyone tries to make off with your ride, there's an integrated anti-theft alarm to discourage such things.

To be fair, the Orca Mark I only folds down at the handlebar stem, so your car trunk will still to be more than 114 cm (45 in) wide and 76 cm (30 in) high to comfortably stow the e-scooter between trips.

Voro Motors has launched its Orca Mark I project on Kickstarter to raise production funds. Pledges start at US$999 and, if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in January 2019. The video below has more.

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