VW Crossover Concept A combines sports car design with SUV elements

VW Crossover Concept A combines sports car design with SUV elements
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February 17, 2006 Volkswagen has revealed its latest design study, the Concept A, a crossover between a sports car and a compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). The concept combines a sleek coupe-style silhouette with the raised stance of an SUV. The study shown in Berlin yesterday is powered by a 110 kW (150 hp) Twincharger (TSI), with power reachingthe wheels via a six gear transmission and an all wheel drive 4MOTION system. Studies such as this are allowed complete freedom though, and VW also suggested that the study might find its way into production (as VW concepts tend to do), powered by a turbo diesel direct fuel injection (TDI) motor or the FSI Turbo of the Golf GTI (147 kW / 200 hp).

At the front, the shield-like front grill which is common to the Passat and Jetta has been developed to emphasise Concept A’s off-road styling by forming part of the underbody protection. High-efficiency LED headlights add a further modern touch. Concept A does away with the traditional B-pillar. It features opposing opening wing doors which allow easy access for front and rear passengers as well as giving a feeling of space and light. This airy feel is enhanced by Concept A’s concertina-style soft-top which slides all the way back to the C-pillar.

Full load and plenty of light: Concept A’s finish is colored in the intense blue tone of glacier formations and is called “Glacier metallic.” Added are glass flakes which enhance the depth of the paint applied in a piano lacquer technique. The rear part, with its athletic flanks, imparts a strong elegance. The hatchback is built in tailgate-style and can be opened in two steps: the area under the rear lights swings out like a pick-up loading surface and thus creates a lot of room for big items. At the bottom the motor exhales via two round chrome pipes. The interior presents itself spacious and open. Light and air dominate the feel of the space. If needed, a large soft top can be swerved all the way back to the C column.

Conceptually the design team used a point of attack coming from the ever growing de-fragmentation of the segments. Result: if up till now the SUV’s put the advantages of the steep hatchback in the forefront, the Concept A, with its coupe-like rear, underlines a more classic dynamic. Here the design combines the uncompromising elegance of a sports car with the demonstrative robustness of an off road model. A fun machine and everyday practicality, a sports car with travel facilities, and a coupe with station wagon functionality.

View gallery - 12 images
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