WallJax is a simple solution for making wireless charging that little bit more convenient than it already is, providing a fixed home for your charging needs. The product is available in two flavors, and is set to hit Kickstarter early next month.

With wireless charging becoming more prevalent, we've seen a lot of solutions for integrating Qi pads more seamlessly into our homes. Those range from attractive, nature-inspired pads to flatpack furniture that hides the tech in plain sight. Now WallJax is getting in on the game with a pair of simple shelf solutions, available with either a pure white or walnut finish.

First up is the WallJax EZ. The unit plugs directly into a 120-volt outlet, providing a small shelf at the top that's just about the right size to sit your smartphone on. The EZ passes through a pair of regular AC outlets, meaning you won't loose any functionality by using it. There's also a USB port on the base of the unit, catering for additional charging needs.

The WallJax Float is similar, but perhaps a little more convenient. It's powered by an included USB cable, and attaches to the wall by either a supplied non-mark adhesive, or by screws. Unlike the EZ, you can place the Float anywhere that you can get power to, making it a little more versatile. The USB power can be attached from below, or from behind, allowing the user to run cables behind the wall for a seamless look.

Both products have integrated Qi wireless charging coils, providing 5W of power. You'll be able to use them with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Note 5 and S6 edge+ right out of the box. If you've got a non-wireless-charging smartphone, such as Apple's iPhones, then you're not completely out of luck, with numerous cases adding the tech in peripheral form.

As the company is crowdfunding the product, there's no guarantee you'll actually be able to ultimately get your hands on it. With that in mind, you can reserve a unit for US$59 for the Float and $79 for the EZ, starting October 6. You're certainly paying for the convenience factor here, as that's pricier than more standard Qi charging pads on the market.

For a look at the WallJax EZ and Float, you can take a look at the video below.

Source: WallJax

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