Durango, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses recently completed a new tiny house for a military couple requiring a towable home they can take wherever they're stationed. Named the Wanderlust, it's a compact model measuring just 24 ft (7 m) long, so should be relatively easy to tow.

If the Wanderlust's shed-like design looks a little familiar, that's probably because it's partly based on the Shedsistence tiny house (as well as the Tiny Lab), and the home stands out with its metal cladding and wooden accenting. Structurally, it consists of SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and is based on a double-axle trailer.

Like the Shedsistence, the Wanderlust has a small storage room for stowing outdoors gear. This is separate from the rest of the home and is accessed from the outside with its own door. Inside the home proper, the ground floor is raised a little, except in the living room, which is reached by descending a couple of steps and contains a couch and some storage space.

Nearby is the kitchenette, which includes an apron sink, propane-powered gas range cooker, a washer/dryer combo, fridge/freezer, and some storage space. Continuing to the end of the home reveals a snug bathroom with shower, vessel sink, and composting toilet.

The Wanderlust's storage-integrated staircase leads up to the sole bedroom loft, which is situated above the living room and has enough space to squeeze in a queen-sized mattress. It's topped by a skylight.

The Wanderlust is heated by a mini-split system, and a heat recovery ventilation system is also installed. An 80-gallon (302-l) freshwater tank and 60-gallon (227-l) greywater tank, plus some extra storage space, are tucked away beneath its raised floor. All electrical lines are left visible, both for easier access and because the owners like the utilitarian look.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses delivered the Wanderlust to its new owners Great Falls, Montana, unfinished. The firm agreed to do as much work on the home as it could manage for US$67,000 and estimates it's about 98 percent complete, with just a few finishing touches still to do.

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