Those who liked the cute styling of the bike-towable Wide Path Camper but don't have the thighs of steel required to pull it now have another option. A new car-towable version, dubbed the Homie, is available, and includes a dining table, seating and a bed. It can also operate off-the-grid with solar power.

The Homie is the same essential product as the bicycle-towed Wide Path Camper and has the folding mechanism that allows it to be more compact while towing and larger when stationary.

The cabin measures 149 x 145 x 99 cm (58 x 57 x 39 in) when folded and 149 x 285 x 99 cm (58 x 112 x 39 in) when unfolded. Due to the additional weight of the trailer and need for greater rigidity in the shell, total weight now comes in at 200 kg (440 lb), which is around four times the weight of the bike-towable version. That's still very light though and shouldn't be a problem to tow, even for older and smaller cars.

It's built from composite plastic, aluminum, and wood, with a layer of insulation. Designer Mads Johansen told us that the idea is to go from stopping to camping within three minutes.

In a market packed with many different takes on the camping trailer, the Homie may struggle to stand out. However, with its light weight, compact size and relatively low price – €6,500 (or a higher than exchange rate $7,245 delivered to a US port) – it may appeal to those looking for something really small and light, like the Timberleaf or Mogo Freedom, but with the added benefit of some extra headroom and a dining table. Like both of those models, you'll need to do your cooking outside.

The sitting area and table can be folded into a bed and night stand. Some storage space is also available.

The Homie comes with lots of optional extras, including bronze or grey window tints, and a "Lux" package with thicker cushions and matching trim. A solar package adds a roof-mounted solar array, while other extras include kitchen package with bowls, cutlery, etc. An awning is also available.

The Homie is available in both Europe and the US and delivery is expected for the next few months (Johansen told us it should be ready for spring camping, in the northern hemisphere).

Wide Path Camper also sells a standalone module which handy types can affix to a pickup or a three wheel cargo moped or similar to make a sort of mini-motorhome (as pictured above). Pricing for this module starts at €4,700 ($4,884).

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