Perhaps Microsoft's employees responsible for product naming don't drive very often, given that they call this cordless gaming accessory a "wheel". For racing fans who own an Xbox 360, however, the arrival of the Wireless Speed Wheel is good news, as there aren't many driving controllers for the Microsoft console on the market. This one's price tag is pretty decent, too.

Although cordless, the Wireless Speed Wheel appears not to be a motion controller either (no word from Microsoft on whether the device needs a Kinect to work). It would seem that it's not designed for driving fanatics, as there are "trigger buttons for gas and brake," meaning no physical foot pedals at all. It will also take some time to get used to the lack of any steering wheel attachment. The shape of the device itself is more like an airplane yoke, than a steering wheel.

The new Xbox controller offers haptic feedback with rumble, and standard controller buttons on both ends. Green lights on those ends also provide visual cues for players. The controller will be compatible with all Xbox 360 racing games out of the box.

The Wireless Speed Wheel is priced at US$60 and will ship to retailers worldwide on September 26.

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