Next Xbox to launch in early November?

Next Xbox to launch in early November?
It looks like Microsoft will announce the next Xbox in May, and ship the console in November (Xbox 360 pictured)
It looks like Microsoft will announce the next Xbox in May, and ship the console in November (Xbox 360 pictured)
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It looks like Microsoft will announce the next Xbox in May, and ship the console in November (Xbox 360 pictured)
It looks like Microsoft will announce the next Xbox in May, and ship the console in November (Xbox 360 pictured)

It’s next-gen time for the big gaming consoles. Nintendo struck first with the Wii U, and Sony already spilled the beans on the PS4. Now it's Microsoft's turn, with multiple sources pointing to a May announcement – and November release date – for the next Xbox.

Windows blogger Paul Thurrott let the cat out of the bag in his What the Tech podcast (later confirmed by The Verge): Microsoft will tell us all about the next Xbox at an event on May 21.

The date falls several weeks before E3 2013. That puts Microsoft in the same boat as Sony: announcing its console at its own standalone event. Why share the spotlight when you don’t have to? Or at least so the thinking goes.

Thurrott added that the console would ship in “early November.” He also suggested that it’s going to cost a pretty penny: “$500 ... $300 with a subscription, that kind of thing.”

A subscription subsidy would fit with Microsoft's "connected living room" vision: it plays games, but doubles as a central hub for TV, movies, and whatnot. Syncing with Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices will naturally be seamless. We'll see how that goes.

Always on? “Deal with it”

We still don’t know how Microsoft will brand the console (Durango is its well-leaked codename, and Xbox 720 is the internet's nickname for it). But one thing is becoming more apparent: it’s going to require an always-on internet connection.

Microsoft is walking on shaky ground there. Sure, most of us are always connected to the internet anyway. But what about rural customers with no internet? What about internet outages, when you were relying on Halo to keep you entertained? What about the risk of Microsoft’s servers hiccupping and leaving your expensive machine temporarily unplayable?

An always-on internet connection is a dicey enough proposition on its own. But it only makes things worse when an employee mocks customers’ reservations about it.

That’s what happened when Microsoft Creative Director Adam Orth responded to always-online rumors with the oh-so empathetic hashtag #dealwithit. Microsoft apologized for the tweets, but didn’t deny the always-online reports.

Big year

So, if the rumors are true, both the PS4 and next Xbox will be launching around the same time – right before the holidays. We can also expect to hear more about both consoles at E3.

Gizmag will be on the ground at E3 to bring you all the news, and hopefully some hands-on time. For Microsoft's sake, let's just hope that the L.A. Convention Center's internet connection holds up.

Sources: Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows, The Verge, Ars Technica

Wow, if the always on "feature" is true, in one fell swoop, all three major game console providers killed my desire to EVER own a game console again.... They are so worried about making so much profits that they forget why people PLAY games. Its no fun worrying about whether or not you can afford to get the cool armor in the game, or if you really should spend the money to complete the last mission... now you have to pay just to turn the stupid thing on? Microsoft, can you PLEASE learn a lesson from EA's failure of a SIMCITY game? The game was excellent.... if you even got the chance to play it due to "server issues"
Artem Down
This is why I didn't by the black 360, I still have the original even though it can't play H4 for shit in splitscreen.
Ben O'Brien
I can see it now. Somebody hacks their servers on day one and none of them work.
Since the one at E3 will probably be plugged into ethernet somebody should "accidentally" unplug it. "Oh I was just looking for a place to plug in my old wifi less laptop to check my email".
Realistically they shouldn't make the same retarded mistake the makers of the Sim city made. How did they not have optional extra servers rented from google or somebody else? How did they expect only a small amount of people when the sales clearly said otherwise and the fact that it's one of the most popular games is obvious? How is all the people who are responsible for that not fired? That cost them hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sales that went to their competitors. Speaking of which how many people will go for a PS4 instead of an xbox 720 because of this?
Seth Kazzim
I might buy both eventually.
10 years behind before it even releases.