The yogo, by fledgling British company econogo, is the UK's first and only full production electric scooter that has removable lithium batteries. What’s so good about that? Well, instead of having to run an extension lead from a mains electricity socket inside the house or garage, the yogo’s removable battery allows owners to recharge their scooter’s battery inside their home - or office, which greatly increases the flexibility of a scooter that only has a range of 22 miles per battery charge. Carry another charged battery with you and double the distance you can travel before having to recharge (it only takes an hour).

With a top speed of 38mph, the Yogo’s 1.5kW motor is billed as the equivalent of 100cc motorbike. There is also a smaller-engined version (equal to a 50cc petrol engine) with a top speed of 27mph that owners who passed their British riding test before February 2001 can ride without having to take a CBT test (but not for the bigger motor).

The 1.5kW motor is run by a 30A controller unit which is powered by a fully detachable 20A 52V LiFePO4 battery that weighs 11kg and fits neatly under the seat, and a spare battery can be carried easily on the scooter. econogo says that 100cc and under petrol engines account for 45 percent of the 140,000 powered two-wheelers sold each year in the UK, so it is targeting a healthy market.

The charge time is 1 hour per pack that runs out a range of approximately 23 miles (45 miles with 2 packs). “We believe that much of the <100cc motorbike/scooter market can now be captured by electric vehicles," said James South, Founder of econogo. "Our detachable battery offers people the utmost in convenience and style, as well as being excellent value for money.”

Owners have the added security that the yogo will remain powerless on the street when the battery is detached.

econogo offers the yogo with a number of options such as a selection of graded fabrics and colors for the seat and different paint color for bodywork which can be made to order.

Both versions of the yogo sell for £1999 (US$3073 approx. at time of publishing).

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