Renault is apparently big in Russia, owning almost a third of the market through its main brand and majority ownership of Lada. And apparently, Russians want to see more cars with the ground clearance and 4-wheel-drive capability of an SUV, but the body of a sedan.

Hence the Arkana show car, which was just unveiled in Moscow. You could think of it as something like a four-wheel-drive sedan with a mild lift kit and 19-inch wheels.

While it'll likely turn into an international model, it's clearly targeted at Russian drivers, who presumably want the classy sedan look but need their cars to be able to handle poor road conditions and the odd track.

Renault plans to release the Arkana, or something very similar, in 2019. It'll be built in Russia, using a variety of 2WD and 4WD powertrains, including a brand-new engine built specifically for the Russian market.

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Source: Renault

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