From the bulging force of its Unimog cab, to its 6.8-ton weight, to its 11.5-foot (3.5-m) height, little about the new Action Mobil Temet 3600 would be considered "small" at your average vehicle company. But there's nothing average about a vehicle fleet that includes such beasts as the Pure 5000 Zetros and Global XRS 7200. So the Temet 3600 debuts as the "compact, agile" Action Mobil, a sized-down expedition truck that can still climb over talus and float up dunes on its way to providing hotel-like accommodations amidst yipping coyotes, screeching wind, gurgling river and not much of anything else.

The 11.5-foot cabin of the Temet 3600 slides below the Arakao 3800 as the smallest in Action Mobil's current lineup. And while the truck certainly doesn't look compact in photos, its 20.3-foot (6.2-m) overall length is shorter than some camper vans, including the Knaus Boxlife 630 ME we looked at recently. So the 3600 will be relatively nimble out on the dusty road, as far as heavy-duty expedition trucks go. The 276-hp Unimog base is there to ensure it makes its way across, up, around and through anything standing in its way.

The Temet series has a set floor plan, and Action Mobil compacts this configuration down for the 3600. The well-equipped gourmet kitchen stands across from the dinette, putting a gas stove, oven and large sink at the fingertips of the day's chef. There's also a fridge on the wall next to the main kitchen block.

Unlike larger Temet modules, which have more of a private sleeping area, the 3600's smaller size necessitates a different solution. The shelf on the rear wall pulls out to support a bed for two, sliding away during the day to clear access to the kitchen and dining area.

The 3600 packs its compact bathroom up front, combining a toilet and hot/cold shower. Onboard equipment includes a 2.4-kW air conditioner, 5-kW heating system, 200Ah lithium battery fed by 440 watts of roof-mounted solar, and 200 liters of fresh water. The furniture is constructed from natural wood.

Action Mobil doesn't list pricing for the Temet 3600 (even its smallest motorhome is an "if you have to ask..." kind of vehicle), but German RV publication Promobil reported last month that a complete truck will cost €360,000+ (approx. US$410,000+) when based on a new Unimog or €260,000+ ($296,125+) on a used 'Mog. If that seems a little spendy, just think — if world civilization as we know it crumbles to ruins, the Temet 3600 could be the best long-term investment you ever made.

But maybe the Acela Bliss expedition big rig would be more to your liking.

Source: Action Mobil

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