After months of teasing, concepts and previews, Alpine has pulled back the sheet on the hotly anticipated A110 ahead of its Geneva debut. We still don't know how much power it'll have, but the mid-engined two-seater is certainly a looker with some cool details hiding under the retro styling.

The pretty body will be built on a totally bespoke, all aluminum platform designed to keep weight to an absolute minimum. Some of the upper body panels are also made of the light material, which is cheaper and easier to work with than (fashionable) carbon fiber, though Alpine says it's one of the only manufacturers in the world to use the welding/shaping technique required to make panels for the A110.

Keen observers will note the lack of spoilers and wings on the back of the car, lending it a classic shape. The company says this is thanks to a motorsport-inspired flat underbody and tricky rear diffuser, which creates enough downforce to keep the car planted at speed. What kind of speed? That little tidbit of information will have to wait until Geneva, unfortunately.

Inside, the driver and a lucky passenger sit on quilted leather seats weighing just 13.1 kg (29 lb). They have a one-piece back and the support rails aren't covered by any (unnecessary) plastic cladding, once again in search of weight savings.

And, of course, let's not forget just what a looker it is. The shape is undoubtedly linked to the pretty little Alpine Berlinettes of old, but it also look high-tech and modern. There's likely to be a few nervous engineers over at Porsche and Alfa Romeo, and that's a very good thing.

The Alpine A110 will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, where New Atlas will be on the ground covering all the action. Stay tuned for a full rundown when the car launches.

Source: Renault

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