New Zealand's Build Tiny recently completed its latest model, the Archer Tiny House. Featuring an atypical layout with the living room upstairs and a bedroom downstairs, the compact and off-grid capable dwelling is best suited to a small family.

The Archer Tiny House measures 8 m (26 ft)-long and is based on a double axle trailer that's actually detachable if the owners decide to place the home on foundations instead. The exterior is finished in vinyl cladding and it comprises a lightweight steel frame and a Colorsteel roof.

Visitors are presented with a snug dining area opposite the entrance that fits a small table and a couple of chairs. Next to this is a kitchen that's well-stocked with a dishwasher – a rare luxury in a tiny house – washer/dryer, fridge and an oven with a propane-powered four-burner stove. Further into the home lies a bathroom with a composting toilet, shower and a small vanity sink unit.

One of the bedrooms is located downstairs, on the opposite side of the home from the bathroom, while the other is accessed by storage-integrated staircase. This separation is useful: most tiny houses feature sleeping lofts located directly across from each other and offer no privacy.

The upstairs living room is located in the other loft and reached by ladder. It includes a sofa bed and a TV and doubles up as a guest room if the owners have visitors over (it can also serve as a home office).

The Archer Tiny House runs from an RV-style mains hookup as standard, though a full solar package is available at additional cost for those who want freedom from the grid.

As with Build Tiny's other models, the Archer Tiny House is offered in three price points: Stage 1 costs NZD58,500 (roughly US$38,000) and is a basic watertight shell. Stage 2 costs NZD87,500 ($57,200) and adds wiring, plumbing, and the like. Stage 3 is a full turnkey version of the home costing NZD106,500 ($69,700).

Source: Build Tiny

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