French firm Baluchon's latest model, the Epona, is permanently installed on some rural land in France on which the owner lets her four horses roam. As well as a front door, the firm installed a rear entrance to allow her easy access to a riding gear storage room.

The Epona (which shares a name with both Link's horse and a Celtic goddess) is based on a double-axle trailer and measures just 6 m (19.6 ft)-long. It's finished in red cedar with some white staining. The home is fronted by a large glazed section including a front door that lets in a lot of natural light.

On entering, visitors are presented with a small living area with sofa and coffee table. Further into the home lies a kitchenette with sink, two-burner propane-powered stove, storage space, and a breakfast bar.

The Epona has a small bathroom that contains a toilet and shower but no sink, which is unfortunate but typical for Baluchon's models. This area connects to the horse riding gear storage room, which can be accessed from outside without having to traipse muddy riding boots through the home.

A storage-integrated staircase houses the fridge/freezer and provides access to the Epona's only bedroom. This is relatively spacious for a tiny house and Baluchon says it could fit two double beds, if the owner has guests over for example.

The Epona has a spruce frame and its insulation is a mixture of cotton, linen, hemp, and wood fiber. It's heated by one small electric heater and runs from a standard RV-style hookup.

We've no word on the price, but those interested can get in contact with the firm direct.

Source: Baluchon [in French]

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