When it introduced the exquisitely retro Type H WildCamp, Citroën teased that it had a second debut in store for this year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. We assumed it was saving it for the show, but we're still over a week out, and it's detailed the new Jumper Biker Solution. Far more modern than the WildCamp, but even more adventurous, this van loads two bikes with a built-in winch system and still manages to sleep and feed up to four people at camp. If that isn't versatile enough, it can also be emptied out and used as a cargo van.

For this build, Citroën has teamed with German camper equipment specialist Flexebu. The two have loaded the Jumper with many of the standards of camper van conversion, such as the central kitchen area just inside the sliding door, the pop-up roof with bed, the Thule awning, and the electrical system with dedicated battery.

Where the Biker Solution diverges from the average camper van and into a proper "bike solution" is in the rear cargo area. Here, Flexebu works in a dual motorcycle-hauling system powered by an electric winch. The rail-mounted system makes it easy to load two motorcycles up and get going on an adventure of two- and four-wheel proportions.

The bike-hauling system does limit the camping amenities as compared to other similarly sized camper vans, but not as much as you might expect. The Biker Solution doesn't have a bathroom or rear bench, but it still houses a removable dining table, swivel front seats, a kitchen block with sink and compressor fridge, and plenty of storage. And it even offers a double bed in the same rear cargo area that holds the motorcycles.

Similar to the design of the Vansports Camper, the Biker Solution's fold-away side mattresses drop to create a bed for two, once the motorcycles are removed. Add those two berths with the two in the roof, and the Biker Solution sleeps up to four people by night, carrying two people and two motorcycles to camp by day.

For those Biker Solution owners not fortunate enough to be enjoying unbridled van/motorcycle adventure every day of the calendar year, the Biker Solution also makes itself useful for work, errands and other everyday needs. Using Flexebu's patented clip system, the camper furniture removes easily to clear out the cargo area. So you have a big cargo van for everyday use and a full-blown bike-hauling adventure van for vacations and weekends.

The Biker Solution will be available for a starting price of €45,600 (approx. US$51,750), built on a Jumper L3H2 with 157-hp (117-kW) BlueHDi diesel engine. Driving equipment includes navigation, a parking assist system, hill assist and traction control.

We'll definitely be stopping by Citroën's stand at the Caravan Salon to get a look at both the Biker Solution and Type H WildCamp, and we'll provide more details and photos as we get them.

Source: Citroën (German)

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