Though the whole point of tiny houses is that everything is smaller, if there's one area that tends to be shrunk down a little too much with most models, it's the living room. The Clover tiny house, by Modern Tiny Living, bucks this trend with a larger than average living room.

The Clover measures 24 ft (7.3 m)-long and is based on a double-axle trailer. It has a fairly standard but pleasant enough exterior clad in lapped smart siding and is topped by a steel roof. Inside, the walls are finished in poplar and the floors are decked in vinyl.

Visitors enter next to the kitchen, which has custom cabinetry, a four-burner stove top, convection oven, fridge/freezer, washer/dryer, sink, and a breakfast bar.

Nearby is the living room. This is raised, and laid-out in a U-shape, with generous glazing surrounding it. A large sofa that takes up most of the room can be converted into a bed, and it should make for a nice space for entertaining – something that we've been told is a challenge of downsizing. Indeed Modern Tiny Living refers to it as a "Social Area."

While it would be remiss of us to overstate its spaciousness too much – it's still a tiny house, after all – the Clover's living room looks a lot more comfortable than those seen in similarly-sized homes like the Tiny Heirloom and Vantage.

The raised living room also offers storage space beneath, and there's quite a bit of storage dotted elsewhere around the home too, including built-in bookcases, and a storage-integrated staircase.

Upstairs lies a standard tiny house-style loft bedroom with limited headroom that sleeps up to two people on a double bed.

The Clover gets power from a standard RV-style hookup and maintains a comfortable temperature with spray foam insulation and a wall heater and air-con unit. It'll set you back US$89,000.

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