Miami Swim 2012 Fashion Week has premiered what may well be the world's very first compostable swimsuits. The two earthy swimsuit creations took center stage during the HauteNatured fashion parade on July 15th and whilst they may be compostable, they'll also do their job in the water, assures sustainable clothing designer, Linda Loudermilk.

The two Loudermilk-designed swimsuits are made out of a fabric derived from plant starch, which will decompose completely within 180 days when buried underground. Since you would only get one season's wear out of the bikini, perhaps the fabric would be better suited for items likes nappies or children's clothing, given they grow out of them so quickly!

The fashion show also featured sustainable swimwear collections by Eco Swim, Meadow, and Mae Couture, who created outfits using recycled plastic bottles, factory scraps of fabric and even a salvaged military parachute.

Source: eccouterre

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