Dinara Kasko started off her career as an architect but quickly discovered her passions lay elsewhere. Blending her architectural skills with an interest in baking she incorporated novel 3D-printed molds into her process to create stunningly unique geometric cakes and pastries. Her latest creation is a collaboration with Miami-based artist Jose Margulis dubbed "Geometrical kinetic tarts."

The explosion of 3D printing technology has of course infiltrated the world of food and we've seen a wide assortment of 3D-printed edibles. From a bizarre 3D-printed pizza to weird sugar structures and other odd creations, many have tried to use the technology to very literally "print food."

Former architect Dinara Kasko has a different take on the technology. Using modern computer modeling and 3D printing technology she has created a variety of geometric molds to generate food that looks unlike anything ever previously created.

Kasko initially created a series of different 3D-printed geometric molds comprised of six different models based on simple geometrical figures. The result was a set of several small, concrete-like objects, that when cut open revealed a complex and delicious cake.

Another early experiment was called "The Bubbles." This creation was inspired by biomimicry, with Kasko generating a strangely organic, bubbling outer shell of white chocolate mouse, hiding an stunning array of surprises inside.

"I model my molds in 3DMAX, print the master model on 3D printer and cast the mold of silicone," writes Kasko of the process in creating the bubble designs.

Many of Kasko's designs lean into a type of fascinating artifice that contrasts with the edible nature of the results. Sharp, odd triangular lines dominate the creations, creating forms of cakes that have never really been possible before. A recently revealed series of heart cakes highlighted this interesting dichotomy.

The latest inspired work is a collaborative series inspired by the 3D sculptures of artist Jose Margulis. Translating these large plastic compositions into cakes required Kasko to enlist some engineer friends. Using precisely cut strips of colored chocolate, the final result is a collection of tarts, each with unique waveform designs.

Kasko labeled the project, "a magical collaboration of three artists: a sculptor, an engineer and a pastry chef – each of us an artist in their own domain."

Kasko is selling her 3D-printed molds along with recipes on her website. The newest model of mold is called the "Cluster" and was the result of a collaboration with parametric designer Andrej Pavlov. This deconstructive form is modeled on a mathematical principle called a Voronoi diagram and is one of the most compelling and complex designs created so far.

With 3D printing crossing into virtually every creative field imaginable at the moment, Dinara Kasko's deliciously modern creations are serving up cakes in a truly new and unique form.

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Source: Dinara Kasko

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