We've been impressed with each towable tiny house that Escape has released thus far, and both the Traveler and the Vista in particular offer a lot of home in a little package. Its latest dwelling, the Vintage, maintains this quality but drops the firm's usual modern styling in favor of a more traditional look. Inside, it features a relatively large bathroom and kitchen, and can sleep up to six people.

Measuring 25 ft (7.6 m) long and comprising a maximum total floorspace of 315 sq ft (29 sq m), the Vintage reflects its name with cottage-like styling that includes cedar siding, a large gable roof, and a total of 12 opening windows (the window boxes pictured are an optional extra).

The interior is dominated by a large living space, which includes kitchen, dining area, and lounge. The kitchen includes plenty of shelving and cupboard storage, in addition to a refrigerator, sink, butcher block countertops, and two-burner stove.

A folding table serves as dining table and there's enough room left over to squeeze in a couch and a wall-mounted TV.

A sliding barn-style door leads to a spacious and generously glazed bedroom, which includes a queen-sized bed with under-bed storage and a small wardrobe. At the other side of the home lies a bathroom, which includes a toilet (standard or composting) and a tub/shower.

A ladder leads to a loft area which can be used as a second bedroom or storage space. The Vintage can also optionally include a second bedroom loft, making a total of three bedrooms in all. While having six people living in a tiny house seems like a recipe for cramped misery, such a setup could be handy in the short term, such as having guests over to stay.

The Vintage weighs roughly 10,000 lb (4,535 kg), depending on options and furniture, and the trailer's two axles are rated to 7,000 lb (3,175 kg) each. Insulation is closed cell foam with a rated R-value of 7.4 per inch, and Escape says that the average R-values for the walls, floor, and ceiling are R22, R30, and R40, respectively.

Pricing starts at US$59,800 and a full off-grid package is available as an option. This includes a roof-mounted solar array, battery storage, and a composting toilet. There's also a whole host of other options, including TV, drywall, and different materials.

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