For kids young and old, there is a certain enchantment to a treehouse escape, be it to avoid annoying siblings and overbearing parents or as a romantic rekindling of childhood memories. Incorporating elements of nature as load-bearing structures makes for some inventive and attractive design, and in some cases, the kind of luxury you wouldn't expect to find suspended above the forest floor.

The collection of treehouses gathered here hail from all over the globe, from the forests of New Zealand to the snow-covered trees of Swedish Lapland. Some are the handiwork of esteemed architecture firms with world-famous buildings in their portfolios, and others come from the hands of dedicated DIYers, but all tap into the seemingly universal appeal of homes built with trees as their foundation.

For instance, there is Ethan Schussler's 25-ft-high (8.5-m) treehouse that the offers visitors a unique way to reach the abode – a bespoke elevator consisting of an old bicycle and unique pulley system.

The Origin treehouse by France's Atelier LAVIT nestles around a 100-year-old oak tree and features a rooftop terrace, while the Cinder Cone Treehouse in Washington state features a hot tub and skate bowl.

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