Honda to show electric supersports RC-E motorcycle at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda to show electric supersp...
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At long last, the world's largest and most influential motorcycle manufacturer appears to be getting serious about electric motorcycles, announcing it will be showing a supersports motorcycle concept at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

Named the RC-E, the images released by Honda indicate a a super sports motorcycle designed solely for the "the joy of riding."

The brief press statement indicates that the machine is powerful, smooth and will only be the size of a 250cc-class machine. One wonders if Honda will pursue its time-honoured formula for capturing marketplaces - going racing - with the new EV.

I'll be in Tokyo for the show, and simply cannot wait for this one.

Very excited!

Alan Belardinelli
Will the 800 pound gorilla finally bring it?
Honda, please bring out a street version of this!!!!!
Adam Cecchini
Fast and pretty? Yes, please.
Predicted stats: Range - 45 miles Charge time - 9 hours Top speed - 65 mph Price - $11,000 Probability of succeeding - nil.