Honda issued a press statement and images of its Tokyo Motor Show exhibits yesterday, raising far more questions than it answered with the brief and cryptic release. One of the primary announcements involved a car2car and car2driver and car2infrastructure communications system named HELLO! (Honda ELectric mobility LOop) and a LOOP portable communication tool that fits in the palm of one’s hand and “allows people and mobility devices to communicate with each other.” The various components of the system look fascinating.

The Honda press statement also refers to the LOOP system thus: “By linking solar panels that supply electricity with battery electric vehicles that emit zero CO2 in use, Honda envisions the low-carbon society of the near future. In addition, each HELLO! vehicle features interactive communication technologies that showcase the fun ways in which mobility devices can interact with people and society.“

Some uncaptioned screen shots in the press image library suggest the pocket-carried LOOP device will be able to keep the owner updated remotely as to the battery status of the vehicle when it is charging and may also remind the owner when their parking meter will expire. Honda’s new “last mile transport” device, the 24 inch by 12 inch by 6 inch U3-X experimental vehicle was also spied lodged in the door of the EV-N battery electric vehicle which uses the system, so presumably, the owner will be able to keep tabs on all aspects of their personal transport infrastructure. After that, well, we’ll probably need to wait until the Tokyo Show to view the ecosystem in its entirety and make some form of judgment as to the usefulness of the system in the longer term.

The vehicles Honda has listed as using the HELLO (and LOOP) system are the FCX CLARITY fuel cell electric vehicle, the EV-N battery electric vehicle, the EV-Cub electric motorcycle, the EV-MONPAL electric personal mobility device, and the new U3-X one-wheel personal mobility device.

Stay tuned for more details and check the image library for the pics we’re trying to decipher.

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